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Donations are incredibly important to help offset campaign costs: flyer runs, campaign buttons, web site costs, community signage and lawn signs, as well as mail-outs and admin.

Note: I’ve made the decision not to accept contributions from individuals linked to the land development industry, so financial support from ordinary residents in the community is crucial to help fund and run the campaign.

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I can also accept donations by e-transfer to or by cheque made out to “Glen Gower 2022 Campaign”.  Contributions are eligible for the municipal election rebate program (see below).

You must be an Ontario resident to make a contribution. Contributions must be made by an individual. I cannot accept donations from businesses, or from a business account.

Please contact me at for additional info.

Information that I’m required to provide under the Municipal Elections Act:

  • Individuals may contribute a maximum of $1,200 to a single candidate. This includes the value of any goods or services donated to the campaign.
  • Individuals may not contribute more than $5,000 in total to candidates running for offices on the same council or school board.
  • All donations of $25.01 or more are eligible for the municipal election rebate program.

Municipal election rebate program:

  • If the contribution by an individual to a candidate is equal to or greater than $25.01 and not more than $100, the rebate is 50% of the total contribution;
  • If the contribution by an individual to a candidate is greater than $100, the rebate is $50 plus 25% of the amount by which the contribution exceeds $100; and
  • The maximum rebate to an individual may not exceed $75.
  • More information here…
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