Accomplishments & BiographyAbout Glen

Hardworking, Experienced, Responsive.

Some of the things that I'm proud to have accomplished since I was elected in 2018.

Stittsville projects & activities

Communications & engagement

  • Helping hundreds of residents each month with service requests, from garbage to street lighting to wildlife and everything in between.
  • Weekly email newsletter reaches over 7,000 residents weekly.
  • Weekly videos with community updates every Saturday morning.
  • Dozens of “Councillor Chat” events, both online and in-person.
  • Dozens of community update meetings on Zoom and in-person.
  • Bi-weekly Newspaper column in the Community Voice.

Community building:

  • Stittsville Main Revitalization – new pedestrian & cycling plan plus beautification plan approved by City Council
  • Establishment of Diversity Committee with focus on anti-racism initiatives and welcoming newcomers to our community.
  • Establishment of Youth Connection to provide activities and outreach for youth in our community.
  • Introduced “Volunteer Connect” initiatives to connect volunteers with opportunities to help.
  • Continued and expanded the annual Stittsville Volunteer Awards.
  • Support of the Stittsville Business Association, including gateway signage and banner program.
  • Ongoing oversight and protection of heritage buildings including Boyd House and Bradley-Craig Farm.
  • Supported provincial investments in local schools, including three elementary schools for the English board, French board, and Catholic board.

Roads & transit:

  • Construction for the next phase of Robert Grant Avenue, from Abbott to Hazeldean (completion 2024)
  • Road re-paving on Hazeldean Road, Carp Road, Hobin Street, Abbott Street.
  • Upgraded intersection at Huntmar & Maple Grove (completion 2023)
  • Upgraded intersection at Terry Fox & Cope (completion Spring 2023)
  • I am a regular OC Transpo user – bus and train.
  • Participated in the Ottawa Transit Challenge (2019 and 2020).
  • New Route 67 to improve service to the Fernbank community.
  • Introduced weekend service for Route 62.
  • Introduced “late runs” for morning and afternoon service on routes 261/262/263.

Traffic safety:

  • New traffic lights at Stittsville Main & Parade/West Ridge intersection
  • Council-approved plan for pedestrian and cycling upgrades on Stittsville Main Street.
  • Over $200,000 invested in temporary traffic calming.
  • New crossing guards, including at Westwind Public and Guardian Angels.
  • Supported the City’s automated speed enforcement program (photo radar), currently in place in front of Sacred Heart High School and coming soon to St. Stephen School.
  • Lowered speed limits on Maple Grove Road and Fernbank Road.
  • New stop signs on Overland @ Kimpton, and Liard @ Caribou.
  • Fringewood Neighbourhood Traffic Calming project (completion Fall 2022).
  • New pedestrian crosswalk on Stittsville Main.

Parks & recreation:

  • Finalized purchase deal to preserve Shea Woods for use as an off-leash dog park.
  • Four new volunteer-run community skating rinks, including the rink at Village Square Park.
  • Stittsville’s first-ever cricket field at Bradley-Craig Park (Bradley Commons Park)
  • New parks include Putney Woodland, Rouncey Park, Ray McCaffrey Park, Bradley Commons, Rubicon Park, Atlas Park, and many more.
  • Upgraded parks include Amberway Park, Fringewood Park, Bryanston Gate Park, Sugar Creek Park, and more.

City-wide initiatives

Committees & leadership:

  • Served as Co-Chair of the Planning Committee.
  • Served as Chair of Built Heritage Sub-Committee.
  • Served as Vice-Chair of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.
  • A member of the Ottawa Board of Health.
  • A member of the Transit Commission.
  • A member of the Finance and Economic Development Committee.
  • Served on the Council Sponsors Group for the Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Lansdowne Park.
  • A City representative on the board of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

City-wide initiatives that I have supported include:

  • Pandemic response and community support, as a member of the Board of Health.
  • New Official Plan – limiting urban sprawl with a focus on healthier communities.
  • New rules to cut down on nuisance short-term rentals (AirBnb, etc.)
  • Affordable housing initiatives, including a record $60-million in capital investments during this term of council in community housing.
  • Hiring of new paramedics.
  • Infrastructure renewal – focus on road and bridge repair.
  • Additional free transit day for seniors.
  • Freezing transit fares for low-income riders.
  • Declaration of climate emergency and development of Energy Evolution plan.
  • Stronger protection for tree canopy, including a new tree protection by-law.
  • Establishment of the Anti-Racism Secretariat and the City’s first-ever plan to combat systemic racism.
  • Zero-emission bus program – a phased replacement of the entire bus flee to electric buses.
  • Tax cuts for small businesses.
  • Establishment of online booking for ParaTranspo.
  • Four balanced budgets, all within a 3% inflation envelope.
  • New incentive program for protecting and revitalizing heritage buildings.
  • Stage 2 Light Rail approval, bringing LRT closer to Kanata and Stittsville.
  • Expansion of community crime prevention programs.

BiographyDedicated to community service

Volunteering and public service has been an important part of Glen’s life for as long as he can remember.

Twice nominated for the Roger Griffiths Memorial Citizen of the Year award, he  served in a leadership role for several community associations and boards including the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC), Heritage Ottawa, the Stittsville Village Association, and the Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association. All of these organizations are focused on building healthy, vibrant communities and improving the quality of life for residents.

In 2014, he founded the blog, with a goal to get readers more informed, interested and engaged in their community. This community journalism project is one of several local news and information web sites that he has launched, including and

Professionally, Glen had a successful career in marketing and communications including roles with the Ottawa 67’s and Ottawa Senators. More recently, he was the director of Marketing and Communications for Iceberg Networks, an Ottawa-based company providing management consulting and professional services in governance, risk management & compliance.

Glen was raised in Nepean, attended Merivale High School, and later Carleton University, where he earned his Bachelor of Journalism degree. Since 2009, Glen has been a proud resident of Stittsville, where he lives with his family.

He challenges all residents to get involved in community activities: flood your local rink; join a school council; fundraise for a cause you care about. Keep making a positive difference in your neighbourhood!

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