Glen gives a campaign speech

Thank you Stittsville! Merci!

Thank you to residents for putting your trust in me for another four years.

Thank you to my volunteers. We had over 100 people helping out: knocking on doors, delivering flyers, installing signs, entering data, organizing events, and helping with communications. Incredible!

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution or installed a lawn sign. We raised nearly $14,000, and had nearly 550 sign requests.

Thank you to my excellent office staff who held down the fort while I ran the campaign.

Thank you to my family and friends for their unwavering support and encouragement.


Campaigns can be a really humbling experience. I went into this back in May thinking I knew the community really well. And every time I went out knocking on doors, I learned something new about the people and places here in Stittsville.

By my count I walked over a million steps, wore out a pair of running shoes, and talked to at least 5,000 people face to face. Thank you everyone who answered the door and shared feedback and ideas about the community.

This new council will have its work cut out for it. A new mayor and a lot of new councillors, facing some major city issues. I’m going to start reaching out to the newly-elected councillors today to offer my support and start building relationships with my new colleagues.

I’m also going to reach out to the other candidates in Stittsville. I hope to meet with them soon so that we can talk about how we can work together on local priorities.

There’s lots to be done, and the next four years will go fast.

How will we do it?  By working together. It’s how we’ll keep building an even stronger Stittsville, and an even stronger City.

Together. Ensemble.

Together / Ensemble. Glen Gower for/pour Stittsville
Glen Gower 2022 Campaign